Running GGTS on OSX under Java 7

I had a look at this and it looks to be a bug somehow related to the way that RJB on OSX works. RJB is the library that Buildr uses to interact with the JVM. Essentially RJB does not seem to allow the configuration of the JVM without setting some environment variables (possibly at build time?). See

There are two main ways to work around this;

  • use the external compiler by adding something like “compile.using(:externaljavac)” into your buildfile.
  • use JRuby.

I will look into what is required to solve this correctly for the next release (1.4.8).


Fixed in 1.4.8 – a work around for 1.4.7 is to set the JVM_LIB environment variable like

export JVM_LIB=$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/server/libjvm.dylib

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