Why oh Why do I use RS

So a friend recommended some new cases for the Pi which are available at RS, great I thought, I can buy 8 black bases and 8 different coloured tops so that I can start to refer to the PIs by their colour in the grid, rather than numbers.

I’m always dubious of RS given they messed up early deliveries of Pis, but I placed an order for 9 of each and a few days later they duly arrived in an unpadded bag………….

I refuse to use the word packed for shipment, instead 16 rather nice looking but flimsy bits of plastic where thrown into the back with no thought to order or safety.

3 arrived broken, 2 bases and a top. Well it is RS after all what more did I expect and rather than go through the pain of sending them back and them chucking another load at me in the post, whipped out the super glue and repaired them.

How does that company manage to exist…….

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