Setup Stage 4 – Updating the system

Now we can login without a password using SSH and our secure keys

Working behind a proxy

If you are behind a proxy server, then you need to follow the following instructions. If you are not behind a proxy server, or don’t know what one is then just to the next section Updating your system

Its a bit of a catch 22 now, before we explore updating the system with apt-get we need to set it up to access files on the internet from behind a proxy.

The proxy configuration is stored in the a folder at /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/. Change to this folder and the create a blank file called ’10proxy’ using the commands as they are below

Enter the following details into the empty file, substituting the IP address and port below with the details of you own proxy server and port.

Save the file by pressing esc and the enter !wq

Updating your system

To update our system using the command ‘apt-get’. Enter the following command and the system will chunter away from a while updating the base system with anythiing that has changed since it was installed,

Next enter the following command to install a better editor than ‘vi’, this again will chunter away and install an editor called ‘vim’

sudo apt-get install vim

Once Vim is installed we can edit some of the basic configuration files when we login.

cd ~
vim .bashrc

This will load the file .bashrc into vim, its quite a large file so we don’t display it here, but scroll down until you find the following

Remove the # from the beginning of the lines which contain the command ‘alias’ so it looks like this

If you are not behind a proxy you can skip this section and you are done, otherwise, scroll down to the bottom and enter the following line

export http_proxy=""

Substituting the IP address and port below with the details of you own proxy server and port making sure its the same IP and port you used above when configuring the proxy settings for apt-get, so that it looks something like this

You are now done, press esc and the enter !wq to save the file and exit, and thats it, we are ready to start installing all manner of magic software needed by a super computer

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