Raspberry Pi Super Computer Physical Build Stage

Time build the physical computer, which will become a 4+1 Node super computer. To get the cases to stack, I’ve wrapped them into pairs with a bit of electrical tape. Here is Raspberry1 and Raspberry2 stacked

And again giving me 2 pairs of 2 Pi’s, this time Raspberry3 and Raspberry4

Take 1 10/100M Switch….

Add 2, 2 node Pi stacks….

Next we add a new comer to this project, RaspberryPrime, this is the 5th node in the stack and will be the coordinator of the 4 worker nodes

All the Pi’s are now wired to the switch…

And Raspberry Prime is located on top of the stack ready to control Raspberry’s 1, 2, 3 and 4

Cool eh ?



I have been trying hard to find out how this contraption actually compares to a normal PC.

Even on Prof. Cox’s page, the photos of the racked up PIs are there but no photos of how it stacks up with the rest of the available options such as Laptop,Desktop etc running a similar application such as Writer, Calc etc.

Wonder if anyone could care to throw some light on this aspect of bench marking with other alternatives.

Or is that I have missed the plot. Its only a proof of concept that it can be built and run but there aren’t enough applications to compare.

Please advise..


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